Offer Enhanced Cash Management Solutions with the CPX Bank Accelerator Program

Priority Commercial Payments Exchange (CPX) offers best-in-class technology to fully integrate and completely automate 100% of your commercial customers’ accounts payable (AP) with a single payment instruction file, robust reconciliation reports and revenue sharing.

Flexibility. Control. Speed.

Implement with Confidence

The CPX Bank Accelerator Program speeds the delivery of this best-in-class Integrated Payables (IP) solution to your middle-market customers. Scalable and seamless, our program supplies the technology muscle, speed-to-market and payments expertise to support your customers’ needs. Built to fit, so you can grow new business, retain valued customers and generate more noninterest income.

Generate Interchange and Fee Income

CPX is the solution that enables your bank to generate fee income while clients earn high rebates and suppliers receive rich remittance data.

Protect Your Treasury Business

We are not a bank or owned by a bank. We are a fintech that can help protect against attrition. As our partner, you maintain complete ownership of your customer relationships.

Ideal for Any

CPX is card, payment, brand and processor agnostic. Use your BIN, ours or any payment network.

Underwriting Options

You can perform underwriting, or we can extend credit through our fully dedicated in-house underwriting and risk management.


White label, resell or refer CPX to deliver these solutions to your customers.
Integrate our APIs to augment your existing capabilities.


Our industry leading, consultative team works on your customers' behalf to enroll suppliers.


Leverage our tools and expertise to educate customers and suppliers about the value of a truly integrated payments solution.

Efficiency. Visibility. Cash Flow.

Customers can digitize payments and grow revenue-producing card volume.


Accounts payable (AP) processes are costly and time-consuming. CPX maximizes automation and electronic payment adoption to achieve significant efficiencies through the elimination of checks.

Revenue Creation

Interchange revenue share on converted AP supplier spend, transforms your customers’ AP from a cost center to a cash flow generator.

Treasury Value

Enhance and expand your customer relationships with an optimized payment strategy and a single, integrated solution that supports all payment types across all suppliers.

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