Electronic B2B Payments: Buyers and Suppliers Accelerating Adoption Now for a Stronger 2021

Payments professionals Justin Sohnlein, Mark Riess and Scott Songer joined a lively discussion hosted by NAPCP addressing the challenge of maintaining strong buyer-supplier relationships, despite significant disruption to AP and AR processes. Our panel of experts shared the story of two companies in the hard-hit travel and hospitality industries who were able to develop new payment strategies and enhance their supplier relationships with the flexibility of the Priority CPX integrated payments platform.

The audience poll revealed their commitment to keeping supplier relationships on course despite turbulent times. Forward-looking organizations see the current environment as the opportune time to accelerate the adoption of electronic payments without sacrificing strategic relationships. Both buyers and suppliers will benefit exponentially when spend volume returns in 2021.

Watch this two-minute video that explains how Priority CPX makes it happen. Then, reach out to our team for a custom demo to show how it will work for your organization.

Download our White Paper: The Role of a Supplier Value Proposition in a Successful Integrated Payables Solution 

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