Make Payments Profitable. It's Easy to Get Started with Priority CPX.

Priority Commercial Payments Exchange (CPX) is the streamlined integrated payables solution that:

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  • Works with your current ERP
  • Processes all of your payment types from a single payment instruction file
  • Drives discounts, rebates and incentives back to your organization

Our experienced and best-in-class, consultative supplier activation team makes it both simple and strategic to optimize your spend.

Get Ready:

  • Mutual non-disclosure agreement. Execute a simple MNDA so we can discuss your organization’s needs, goals and objectives to ensure alignment and understanding.
  • Supplier spend file. Share your spend file so Priority can deliver a detailed analysis and customized payment strategy that is best suited for your organization and your suppliers.

Get Set:

  • CPX Services agreement. Confirm alignment on the recommended strategy and execute the CPX agreement.
  • Single payment instruction file (PIF). Use the dynamic CPX file mapper to create a custom PIF for your organization in 5 minutes!
  • Supplier activation and outreach campaign. Review and approve endorsement letters for your suppliers and identify sensitive suppliers to omit from the activation campaign.


  • Supplier activation campaign. Launch and receive regular progress reports as your organization begins reducing expense and earning valuable discounts, rebates and incentives.

Time is Money! The sooner you start the faster your organization will profit from using the Priority CPX solution suite of Integrated Payables products and services.

Download our infographic here.


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