Ready to digitize every payment – without changing your ERP or disrupting your relationships?

A year ago, the COVID lockdown derailed operations and caused organizations to cut spending. We’ve recently talked to folks who cut too deeply and created a chain reaction that impacted long-standing business relationships with suppliers, bankers, customers and even their employees.

If that sounds like you, the idea of fully digitizing your payment process may seem like a daunting and disruptive step.

We can make it easier for you.

With Priority CPX (Commercial Payment Exchange), you can pay every supplier from a single payment instruction file – regardless of the payment method they accept. And, you can do it without changing your bank or accounting system.

Before you put that project on the back burner, learn about the  three ways that digital payments can actually help you rebound faster and higher as you:

  • Analyze and optimize your accounts payable
  • Stay friends with your suppliers and bankers
  • Create new sources of cash to help you recover and grow

This 2-minute video will show you how it works. And, if you want to take a deeper dive on how we deliver supplier value, download our white paper, The Role of a Supplier Value Proposition in a Successful Integrated Payables Solution.

Please contact us to schedule a conversation, brief demo or complimentary AP spend analysis. We’ll show you the “sweet spots” where Priority CPX can reduce your AP processing expense and generate rebates.

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