Priority One: A Single Card Payment Solution

Save time and cut costs with plastic-based card programs that allow cardholders to make authorized transactions for purchasing, travel and fleet management. With the Priority One Card, you can manage and control spending.


Save Time and Cut Costs

Manage and control spending with our best-in-class commercial credit card. The Priority One Card can be used for all your business spending needs while earning cash back on every purchase.

Our program offers transparency into expenses to run your businesses, strong anti-fraud tools and the help of our expert support team. You can also be confident in the ability to use the card anywhere in the world Visa is accepted.

Access Savings and Convenience

Benefits for Your Company

More security and oversight than typical purchasing processes

Greater transparency into purchases, travel expenses and fleet cost

Simplified and automated posting into accounting systems

Increased ability to monitor compliance with corporate buying guidelines

Benefits for Your Card Users

Greater efficiency through controlled but independent purchasing authority

Reduction in paper processes by eliminating POs and cash advances with pre-populated and electronic expense reports

Confidence in ability to use card anywhere in the world Visa is accepted

Superior Support

Dedicated support team enables greater supplier acceptance

Reporting and tracking tools are available in your dashboard to help you control your finances

Seamless, streamlined payments management enables you to maximize rebate and discount opportunities through preferred payment methods

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