One platform leads to profit. This is Priority CPX.

Say goodbye to manual check runs, payments and reports. Integrate your payments into a single, seamless process that saves time and drives valuable rebates and incentives.

Commercial Payments Exchange (CPX)

A Seamless End-to-End Solution

Priority CPX sends transactions to all suppliers from a single instruction file with no disruption of your current workflow and with little or no cost to you.

Agile platform leverages your existing ERP system to eliminate costly checks and manual processes, integrating all forms of payment

Single payment instruction file is all we need to pay every supplier in your AP system

Industry leading, consultative team drives discounts, rebates and incentives to you through supplier activation

Lower processing costs and cash-back benefits on your supplier spend optimizes your cash strategy

Interactive portal provides complete control, full visibility of payment status and easy yet robust reports

Commercial Payments Exchange (CPX)

Streamlined Integrated Payments

CPX Gateway dynamically maps and processes each transaction using the optimal payment method that earns discounts or produces cash-back from interchange and processing fees shared with your organization.

Commercial Payments Exchange (CPX)

Full Control and Visibility