Custom Outsource Solutions and Client Development Programs

As a financial institution, enterprise solution provider, government entity or public institution, you may think that payment integration can’t meet your complex needs. Until now.


Scale and Experience to Manage your Program Seamlessly

The Priority Managed Services team has the experience, depth and professionalism to meet your specific requirements and special needs for supplier payments. 

Our custom outsource solutions, supplier activation and merchant development programs result in significant savings and growth. From supplier engagement campaigns to closed-loop acquiring merchant development programs that drive card adoption in commercial and consumer payment networks, our professionally trained and managed call center teams produce bottom-line results.

Supplier Management Campaigns

Customized Consulting Engagements

Managed or Proprietary Solutions

Closed-Loop Acquiring Services

Merchant Development Programs

Card Adoption & Usage Promotion

Network Acceptance Support

Supplier-Focused Education

Receivables Finance Management

Origination, Underwriting & Funding Services

Secured Merchant Loan Facilitation

Business Development Resources

Talk to our Managed Services Team about the results you need. We’ll develop the strategy and deploy the resources to achieve them.