Supplier Activation

Activation is a Win/Win for Buyers and Suppliers

The supplier value proposition is essential to a successful end-to-end commercial payments solution. Our activation team of industry-leading experts maximizes supplier participation.

SUPPLIER Activation

AP automation is not the same as payment integration.

After making a significant investment of time and resources in AP automation, an organization may experience buyer’s remorse when they discover their suppliers are not willing and able to accept various forms of electronic commercial payments.

But at Priority, identifying and activating suppliers is our core competency, powering our truly Integrated Payables solution.

Better Acceptance Rates, Better Results

Making Acceptance Easier

Suppliers are more open to electronic payment acceptance with simplified steps and guidance from our expert spend consultants and activation specialists.

Using a Proven Approach

Our analytic tools promote activation because we can demonstrate how our card solutions will improve your supplier’s AR efficiency, lower their risk and increase their sales volume with higher acceptance thresholds.

Leveraging In-House Capabilities

Our dedicated in-house underwriting and risk management provide assurance that transactions will happen within the agreed parameters at the best available interchange rates.

Our Supplier Activation team integrates the payment process through four main phases, utilizing a unique, individualized approach to gain your suppliers’ acceptance.

Pre-Sales Consultation

To build your framework for success, we deliver a detailed analysis of your spend file that includes a match process against card networks and our proprietary database. We’ll recommend a strategy for achieving the highest level of payment automation, discounts and cash-back incentives possible.

Post-Sales Consultation

The second step identifies the criteria for successful supplier participation.

Priority provides the vision and strategy needed to define and deliver the meaningful, measurable value that drives supplier activation.

Supplier Activation

Priority provides services to card networks and dozens of other leading financial institutions, enabling billions of dollars in commercial payments each year.

Our Supplier Activation team leverages the strength of this expertise and network to on your behalf to establish optimal payment methods and terms with your suppliers. Our goal is to maximize cash flow, rebates and incentives for you. At the same time, we help suppliers achieve their goals for gaining efficiency and keeping their transaction costs low.

Ongoing Growth

The best time to gain preferred payment acceptance is at the beginning of a new supplier relationship.

Our Supplier Activation and Enablement service provides a real-time communication mechanism from your procurement department to our Supplier Activation team, so we can drive an immediate program boost as new supplier relationships are established.

“To achieve maximum participation in our efficient e-payment solutions, we needed to expand our supplier onboarding touch points without significantly increasing our costs.”

“Priority Commercial Payments provides targeted supplier activation campaigns that are tailored to each specific client, at a lower cost than we could achieve in-house. As a result, we have dramatically increased our base of participating suppliers while significantly reducing enrollment cost per supplier.”


Let us show you how our recommended payment strategy and supplier activation team create value.