Make Payments Profitable

Managing accounts payable (AP) can be inefficient and expensive. But our seamless solution reduces your payment processing expense, optimizes cash flow and delivers cash-back benefits so you can improve your bottom line.


Your Simplified and Streamlined Solution

Stop duplicating efforts with disparate payment solutions and multiple payment providers who only address a portion of your needs.

Start seeing the benefits of cost savings and increased rebates, while enhancing your supplier relationships with multiple payment options.

Priority offers a fully integrated payments platform with no patchwork in the background. Our end-to-end solution makes it simple, profitable and seamless, with little IT supported needed for implementation.  And, you can keep your current accounting platform and banking relationship.


Integrating your AP is easy and efficient,
regardless of how you pay your suppliers today

Benefits with Real Impact

You can see an impact right away as Priority simplifies the process end-to-end while reducing errors and saving employee time and effort.

Boost Your Bottom Line

You provide us with your vendors and we work out the best payment form and terms for you. Let us reduce your processing costs, maximize and drive rebate opportunities with an easy-to-use and implement solution.

Reduce Demand on Internal Resources

We will relieve you of error-prone manual processes, high-cost resource demands and multiple payment partners who require IT resources.


“Priority Commercial Payments is very well known in the industry. They embrace change and innovation and they understand what is needed in commercial payments.”

Melissa Sefic

Senior Vice President, Head of CPI, Commercial Payments International

The Economist Group

We are not AP automation. We are Integrated Payables. We are the link between AP automation on the buyer side and AR automation on the supplier side. Let us show you all of the ways we can help.