Enhance Treasury Management with a Better Solution

Today’s commercial payments solutions must be easy for customers. Whether cash, check or card, our Integrated Payables solution will help you grow new business and retain valued customers.


The benefit of  partnering with us is growth.

Our commercial payments technology is agile. That speed-to-market allows you to deliver a white-labeled solution to your end-user clients faster, so you can grow more business and  generate more revenue.

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Electronic commercial payments represent the high-growth opportunity for financial institutions

Build a better treasury and cash management service for your business banking clients.

Independent and Agnostic Solution

Our commercial payments solutions are built to work for you and your customers. We integrate with any processor, issuer or card payments network.

Agile, Leading-edge Technology

Many financial institutions are burdened with legacy technology and processes. Our solutions allow small and regional banks an entry point into the API automation space, and our large corporate banks to deliver nimble technology rapidly.

Protecting Your Business Interests

We are not owned by a bank, so we can help protect you against attrition or the loss of your midsize treasury customers.

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We are not AP automation. We are Integrated Payables. We are the link between AP automation on the buyer side and AR automation on the supplier side. Let us show you all of the ways we can help.